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Get a Sylvia McIntosh Gift Card, and treat your loved ones to a handmade designer outfit made to fit their measurements.

It’s the perfect way to show someone how much you care—and how much you appreciate them!

First, we want to hear about your style and what kind of outfits you’d like made. Is there anything particular about the look or feel of an outfit that matters to you? If so, let us know so we can figure out just what it is that makes it special for you. Once we’ve identified your style, we’ll be able to give you a quote on how much it would cost to create an outfit based on your ideas.

When setting up a fitting appointment with us, be sure to bring along any pictures or other visual references that will help us get a sense of how the outfit will look when finished.

Next comes all the fun stuff: creating your design!

How to redeem the gift card and terms:

  1. Before calling think of the outfit that you would like made
  2. Call to arrange a fitting and discuss your ideas
  3. You will be given a quote to create your design. You can use the gift card to redeem against the amount quoted.
  4. The gift card includes sewing, fabric, and haberdashery
  5. You must have had your first fitting at least 4 weeks before the date the outfit is required
  6. You must attend all subsequent fittings
  7. Gift card expires after 365 days

Please note: our gift cards are electronic and we’ll then send the gift card to the recipient by email. If you don’t want them to get it yet, put in your email address.

If we cannot agree on a design, I will refund the full amount to the card used to make the purchase.

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